Fourth Annual Hat Tournament

Hey All!

This is an invitation to the fourth annual Oh Grow Up Hat Tourney! Last year was lots of fun with lots of discs, games, and alcohol. This year promises to be better!

when & where:

Sunday, June 13th , Greer Park in Palo Alto, 9am - ??

We've had people drop. As of June 10th, there are 8 spots still open.
Registration spots are STILL AVAILABLE!   Sign up now!

Carpool message board is up.


12 team Hat tournament format. Teams will be small to insure enough playing time for all (think < 16 players each).

Each team will play 3 games in a roughly game-bye-game format (much better than last year). Rounds will be relatively short.

During each team's bye there will be made available a series of side games (such as volleyball, whiffleball, croquet, twister, bocce ball, etc.). Teams are encouraged to challenge future opponents to any of the side games. The winner of such game is awarded 1 point towards the beginning of the next game with that opponent.


We will provide bagels, fruit and water as well as a barbeque and beer for later. We will supply equipment for the games above as well as some others. If you have any games that you think people will enjoy, feel free to bring them along.

We are especially looking for volleyball nets, lawn bowling and croquet sets. If you have any of these available for tournament use, please let us know!

more stuff:

For insurance reasons, the tourney will be UPA sanctioned so to play you must be a current UPA member. Yes, we will check. If we are unable to confirm your membership (say, because you sign up late), you can pay $10 at the tournament (in the form of a check made out to the UPA) for a single event UPA membership.

more more stuff:

If anyone out there is looking to volunteer send me an email. Volunteers get free food & beer, our eternal gratitude and access to really cool squirt guns! You can also volunteer by selecting the volunteer box on the registration form.


As a general rule, we'd like to discourage player baggaging (where two players request to play on the same team). Oh Grow Up is a hat tournament and a great opportunity to meet new people! We understand, however, that there are extenuating circumstances (friends in town, for example). If you need to baggage, plead your case to Kitt (kitt at, who is the baggage hard ass, and see what she says. No guarantees either way.

how do I sign up?!?:

The number of players is limited so signup will be first come first serve. Sign up on the registration page, then follow the subsequent directions which include sending a check for $10 payable to David Brokaw to:

Oh Grow Up!
855 Cole St.
San Francisco, CA 94117

If you're thinking about not signing up today, and just showing up: think again. Placing players on teams after they've been balanced in a draft is a giant hassle on tournament morning. We want to have fun, too! So, we'll have this rule: no pickups the day of the tournament - sign up early!

Hope to see you out there, email me if you have any questions. Please pass this on to anyone you think might be interested. We will send out more information as the tourney gets closer.

Dave and Dave

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